Customer: “I need a 6 oz. piece of salmon.”
Me: “Let me weigh this one here, this looks like it could be about 6 oz…OK, it’s a little more. Maybe 8 or 9 oz.?”
Customer: “No, that’s too big. I want 6 oz.”
Me: “OK, I can cut you another piece. I’m just eyeballing it though, so it might not be exactly 6 oz.”
Customer: “That’s fine. Now, I need 10 of those 6 oz. pieces, and can you wrap them individually?”
Me: “Wait, you’re asking me to cut you 10 pieces of salmon that are exactly 6 oz. each, and wrap them individually?”
Customer: “Yes.”
Customer 2 to coworker: “Do you have any whitefish? I need 10 pieces.”
Coworker: “Yeah, here it is.”
Customer 2: “I don’t like how this looks. Do you have any more in the back?”
[Coworker gets a new box of whitefish but is forced to set it up a sizable distance down the counter because of the 10 pieces of salmon I have laid out. Coworker takes a piece of whitefish and walks it to Customer 2.]
Coworker: “How’s this?”
Customer 2: “No, I don’t like that one.”
[Coworker walks back to box and gets a second piece.]
Coworker: “How’s this?”
Customer 2: “No, I don’t like the color of that one. I want them to be a little more pink.”
[Coworker walks back to box and gets a third piece.]
Coworker: “And how about this one?”
Customer 2: “Yeah, that’s good.”
[Coworker walks back to box and begins bagging up more whitefish.]
Customer 2: “Wait, don’t I get to see them?”
Coworker: “You want me to show you all 10 pieces of fish?”
Customer 2: “Yep!” [whispering to her companion:] “That’s something Grandmama taught me.”


About meatcountermadness

I got a job working behind a meat counter. Some of the things I hear people say there are pretty good. Email me: meatcountermadness@gmail.com
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