Angry soup bone guy [he has earned this name on previous visits]: “I need soup bones.”
Me: “OK, lemme check. Hm, none here, oh but we do have some of the natural soup bones.”
Angry soup bone guy: “So the other ones are unnatural? What’s the difference?”
Me: “No, this is our local, natural meat.”
Angry soup bone guy: “Do you know what that is?”
Me: “It’s local, natural meat. It comes from a different supplier than the regular meat.”
Angry soup bone guy: “But do you know what that is?”
Me: “It’s…uhh…wait, are you honestly asking me that question?”
Angry soup bone guy: “It’s organic. I bet the price is higher?”
Me: “Uh yeah, it’s a little higher.”
Angry soup bone guy: “Why?”
Coworker, chiming in: “That’s just based on the cost that we pay for it. It’s a little more expensive.”
Angry soup bone guy: “I used to raise cows. It’s not more expensive.”
Me: “Let me see if we have any of the regular soup bones in the back.”
[I check.]
Me: “Sorry, all we’ve got back there is more natural soup bones.”
[Angry soup bone guy scowls and walks away.]

[Epilogue: I later remember that the regular soup bones and natural soup bones are actually the same price. I mention this to a coworker and he opines that angry soup bone guy is fully aware of this fact, because he’s started the same argument before. In conclusion, angry soup bone guy refuses to buy natural soup bones based on principle, even though they’re the same price as the regular soup bones.]


About meatcountermadness

I got a job working behind a meat counter. Some of the things I hear people say there are pretty good. Email me: meatcountermadness@gmail.com
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