Customer: “I want some orange roughy.”
Coworker: “OK, here’s our orange roughy.”
Customer: “Oh, is that thawed out? I need it to be frozen.”
Coworker: “OK, I’ll get you some out of the freezer.”
[Coworker retrieves frozen orange roughy and places it on scale.]
Customer: “I don’t want to pay for the ice, now. Give me a discount.”
Coworker: “Excuse me?”
Customer: “Since that fish is frozen, part of the weight is ice, so you should give me a discount. A manager did it for me last time I was here.”
Coworker: “Do you know who it was that gave you the discount?”
Customer: “I don’t know, some white lady.”


About meatcountermadness

I got a job working behind a meat counter. Some of the things I hear people say there are pretty good. Email me: meatcountermadness@gmail.com
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