Me, answering the phone: “Meat department.”
Woman: “Yes, my husband told me that he heard on the radio that there’s been a turkey recall, and people are bringing turkey back to the store.”
Me: “Right, I’ve been following that story. I believe it’s just ground turkey, and I don’t believe they’ve announced what brand it is yet.”
Woman: “Well, I bought some sliced deli turkey from you, and then when I got it out of my fridge, I thought, ‘this looks like turkey that has been sitting for a few days.'” You know how turkey looks, around the edges, when it’s been sitting for a few days?”
Me: “Umm…”
Woman: “But I ate it anyway. And then this morning my bowels were loose.”
Me: “Uh huh.”
Woman: “And I usually have the opposite problem. What’s going on over there? You guys are slipping.”


About meatcountermadness

I got a job working behind a meat counter. Some of the things I hear people say there are pretty good. Email me: meatcountermadness@gmail.com
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